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Suzanne Rankin
P.O. Box 189
Matinicus, ME 04851
on-island: (207) 366-3941
off-island: (207) 882-4203

Matinicus Island Post Office and Centennial Building from a 1900 postcard.

What's New?

August 2010. A copy of Aunt Belle's House Book has been scanned and published online by Larry Liebling -- notes included. Aunt Belle produced a number of Matinicus House Books over the years as gifts for various occasions and not all of the photos are the same in each book. She compiled the books from photos she had on hand at the time. This particular House Book was a gift to Orren Ames, and belongs to Patricia Harmon. Click here to visit this copy of Aunt Belle's House Book


It shall be the Mission of the Matinicus Island Historical Society in perpetuity to collect, preserve, and provide public access to objects and documents pertinent to the history of the the Island of Matinicus and its peoples.

The Matinicus Island Historical Society works to perpetuate the understanding and knowledge of the history of Matinicus and its culture through the collection and preservation of island artifacts, documents, and heritage for the benefit of the future of the community. It is the hope that the work of the Matinicus Island Historical Society may create a dialogue between the Matinicus people of the past, and the valuable community that remains today.


The Matinicus Island Historical Society is comprised of a Town Historian, Director, and a five-member Board of Directors. The only full time staff consists of Suzanne Rankin, who is both the Town Historian and the Director. Our archive is located on Matinicus Island in the Old School Building (now the Town Hall) next to the playground. The archive can be viewed and accessed by appointment with Suzanne Rankin, or at our public exhibitions. The Matinicus Island Historical Society strives to serve through its public exhibitions, appointments, and through its website.

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